Since 1971, Fresh Products has been a consistent leader in the odor control category. They manufacture superior odor control products for distribution throughout the world. Fresh is also known for innovation. Through new patented products and materials, Fresh has developed an industry leading sustainable closed-loop recycling program. They are singularly focused on odor control products which allows them to understand and master critical details that competitors miss.


Novolex - Heritage Can Liners produces its products to match market demands. We offer a full range of products to meet all customer requirements, including linear low density, high-density trash bags, food/utility bags, healthcare, and compostable bags. “For decades, we have built enduring loyal relations with our distribution partners. This is what sets us apart; honesty, integrity, and fulfilled promises. We have shown this industry what integrity is; we set that standard.”

Monarch Brands

With roots established in 1947, Monarch Brands delivers high quality and value-priced microfiber, traditional wet mops and dust mops, commercial linens, institutional towels, and wiping rags. Monarch has a global network allowing for the perfect balance of purchasing power, quality, and price-point. Monarch has a unique private label program, and is committed to the highest level of customer service available in our industry.


STABIL has been the leading manufacturer of traction footwear for nearly three decades. STABIL has continued to innovate its original product and has expanded its offerings to suit a wide range of recreational outdoor pursuits. More recently, they have taken on commercial applications with our STABIL Grippers, designed for restaurants, food processing, and cleaning services, just to name a few. No matter what the environment has in store for you, STABIL will never let you down.

Tradex International is a leading global supplier of hand protection products. Our AMBITEX brand gloves and apparel are stocked by premier distributors and trusted by consumers and professionals in foodservice, jan/san, healthcare, industrial and a variety of other industries.

Made in America, First Aid Only is one of the largest providers of first aid products. FAO is the exclusive licensee of the American Red Cross. The proprietary SmartCompliance product is a profitable and operationally friendly program.

Canberra is a fifty year old manufacturer of high quality chemicals and chemical delivery systems. For the textile delivery market, the JAWS (Just Add Water System) offers a fool-proof delivery system and chemicals. There are three series of the JAWS system: 3000, 6000, and 9000.

Green Drain

Green Drains floor drain trap seal is a unique drain care system. Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety, but the Green Drain solves these major problems. The Green Drain eliminates sewer gas odors, prevents pests from entering your facility through the drain, takes only seconds to replace, and eliminates the need for drain chemical treatments, which makes it better for the environment.


Chief Manufacturing, formerly Woodbury Box Company, this family owned business has been making products for the Textile Rental Industry since 1946. Now in its third generation of ownership, Chief has modernized its facility with injection molding and robotic wire bending to deliver high quality frames, stands, racks, wet mop/dust mop handles and more.